Generic modelling software

  • ModelMaker
    • A cheap, commercial software. Unfortunately it's not maintained anymore (best under Windows XP).
    • Good for dynamic models and parameter estimation
    • It's very robust, versatile and easy to learn. Highly recommended.
  • OpenModel
    • Free software, developed by Neil Crout at the University of Nottingham, UK
    • Similar to ModelMaker
    • Advantage: MCMC parameter estimation
  • MathCAD
    • Commercial, but well worth it's money
    • Flexible and very transparent modelling
    • Also very good for day to day calculations
  • NetLOGO
    • Individual (or agent) based modelling made easy
    • Great fun, easy to learn and surprisingly powerful

Software implementations of GUTS

Implementation of GUTS in various software environments.
The zipped folder contains a R script, an executable programmed in Delphi, MATLAB files, ModelMaker files and Mathematica implementations of GUTS.
GUTS code and
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 21.1 MB