Syngenta Crop Protection AG, since 2019

We investigate the effects of chemicals in the environment through the development of in silico models supported by laboratory and field data. The team collaborates across geographical locations (Switzerland, UK) and includes external collaborations (e.g. co-supervision of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows) at academic institutions (e.g. University of York, CEH Wallingford) and participation in research consortia (e.g. NERC, EU Marie Curie).


University of York, 2013-2018

We investigate the fate and effects of synthetic chemicals in the environment with an emphasis on ecotoxicological effect models and aquatic systems. By systematically studying toxic effects of pollutants we derive general principles and use those to develop tools for the environmental risk assessment of chemicals. Our research consists of modelling, field work and lab experiments. Current research questions are:

  • Why do organisms differ in their sensitivity to chemicals?
  • What are the general principles that govern toxicity of different chemicals?
  • How do critical transitions propagate from cells to organisms and ecosystems?
  • How to do quantitative in-vitro to in-vivo toxicity extrapolation?

We are particularly interested in the development of ecotoxicological effect models, for example toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic models. In order to develop, parameterise and test these models we carry out experiments, mostly with aquatic invertebrates. In recent and on-going projects we have investigated pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and engineered nano-materials. Our research has also led to the development of new tools for the risk assessment of chemicals. For example methods for the assessment of time-variable exposure that we developed are currently being applied in the risk assessment of pesticides and more recent work that links in-vitro to in-vivo toxicity data via models has great potential.

Team members

University of York, 2013-2018

  • Roman Ashauer, Senior lecturer at the University of York, UK, Environment Department
  • Joanna Witton, PhD student
  • Verena Riedl, PhD student
  • Alessia Giorgis, PhD student
  • Thomas Martin, PhD student
  • Jun Li, PhD student

Impressions from SETAC-EU 2016 conference in Nantes

Former technicians, PhD students and Postdocs

  • Benoit Goussen, Postdoctoral researcher, next destination: Ibacon GmbH
  • Olivia Campana, Postdoctoral researcher, next destination: University of Cadiz
  • Emanuela Finessi, Postdoctoral researcher, next destination: UFZ Leipzig
  • Julita Stadnicka, PhD student (2010-2013), CREAM project Fish-1, next destination: EPFL Lausanne
  • Anna-Maija Nyman, PhD student (2010-2013), CREAM project Scales-1, now at: ECHA
  • Trine Dalkvist, Postdoc (2012-2013), ModNanotox project
  • Anita Hintermeister, Laboratory technician
  • Eva Potthoff, Research assistant
  • Hendrik Schulz, Research assistant

Former visiting & associated PhD students